Commercial Pressure Washing

Heat Wave provides commercial pressure washing in the Tampa and surrounding areas.

Types of Commercial Pressure Washing Jobs

Parking Garages

Parking garages are one of the most common types of pressure washing jobs we see in our area. We can quickly (and in off hours) clean a parking garage. We use special chemicals that not only gets the garage cleaner, but keeps it cleaner longer.


We can pressure wash buildings of all sizes. We handle all different shapes and sizes of windows.

Specialty Structures

Do you have a structure on your property that needs to be cleaned? We can work with you for any specialty.


Do you have sidewalks around your office or buildings that need to be cleaned? Some types of mold and other growth can create hazardous situations because of the slip factor.

Driveways and Alleys

We can pressure wash driveways, alleys and other paved areas. With our special detergent cleanser that is safe on all surfaces, we can get paved areas CLEANER and help them stay cleaner LONGER!