Residential Pressure Washing

Soft Wash/low pressure cleaning

What is “soft washing” or “low pressure” cleaning? Pressure washing your home is not about “blasting” the algae and dirt from the surface with high pressure equipment. At Heat Wave Pressure Washing we clean most of our clients surfaces with a customized cleaning formula that is applied by a 40 psi pump system.

The cleaning formula simply breaks down the dirt, germs and algae from the surface and with our hot water machinery we easily kill the germs and algae and rinse them off the surface not damaging the original surface.

Residential Pressure WashingResidential Pressure Washing

Benefits of regular cleaning

Regular exterior cleaning can make all your exterior painted surface to last an additional 3-5 years. When algae and dirt build up on exterior surfaces they immediately begin breaking down protective coatings applied by the original manufacturer. If removed properly your exterior surface will last a lifetime.

Heat Wave Pressure Washing suggest the following cleaning schedule

  • Exterior of home
  • Driveways
  • Pavers
  • Pool Enclosure
  • Roof Cleaning
  • every 1-1.5 years
  • every 8-10 months
  • every 8-10 months
  • every 10-12 months
  • every 2-3 years

Pool Enclosures

Many families invest in their homes to have areas where their family and friends can spend time and congregate. One such area is the family pool area. Having a clean pool area is not only beneficial to your family, but also to the structure itself.

A regular scheduled cleaning will eliminate algae build up which if not treated will cause slip hazards, but also a regular cleaning will allow the painted or sealed surface to last for years to come, eliminating large repair or resurface projects.