Dumpster Cleaning Services

Every business produces some kind of byproduct or waste during their everyday operating hours. Whether you run a restaurant, movie theater, or even a bank. Businesses dispose their waste in a confined area (Dumpster area) usually enclosed to keep area out of sight from their customers. Unfortunately if these areas aren’t maintained properly they not only become an eyesore, but odors may begin to overwhelm the area.

Heat Wave Pressure Washing has the capabilities to help reduce and in many cases eliminate these problems. Our fully trained staff with the use of our commercial grade equipment can remove grease, grime and algae that has made your dumpster area a liability. Heat Wave Pressure Washing’s hot water capabilities and knowledge of proper soap application eliminates all unwanted algae, mold and unhealthy germs growing inside the dumpster area.

Many of our clients that have these areas understand the importance of keeping their business and their customer’s safe when visiting their establishment.

After a complete evaluation, Heat Wave Pressure Washing will be able to set up your business with an effective regular cleaning schedule that will help keep your business customer friendly.

Your customers are most important asset … so giving them the best environment to enjoy your product is key to your success. Having your customers eat in an area that is algae and grease free not just on the table and chairs, but also the floor. Heat Wave Pressure Washing provides weekly/bi-weekly and monthly services to our local Tampa business owners.

HeatWave suggest the following cleaning schedule

Store Fronts Every 3-5 months
Entire Building Every 10-12 months
Sidewalks and Handicap Ramps Every 1-3 months
Parking Lot Every 3-6 months
Dumpster Areas Every 2-4 weeks
  • Fully insured
  • High quality Hot Water commercial grade equipment
  • Soft wash/low pressure cleaning gets surfaces cleaned with zero damage to original surfaces
  • Trained staff with the knowledge to handle all situations