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Home Owners Association

Living in a Home Owners Association community may annoy you , but they keep up on the maintenance of your property for a reason. These reasons include keeping your property value up and reduce slip and fall hazards.

Here at Heat Wave Pressure Washing we make sure we professionally clean your property with high quality equipment and detergent to get your property looking the best it can for the longest time possible.

Duties of an HOA

HOA’s are hired to not only keep your homes community safe but also keep the value of your home as high as possible. At Heat Wave Pressure Washing we help HOA’s complete both safety and value to your community. By using our services we can keep not only keep your community looking fresh and clean, but we can sanitize your local playground an remove algae from your walkways to remove dangerous slip hazards.

Home Owner AssociationsHome Owner Associations

Exceptional Equipment

We use top of the line industrial grade pressure washing equipment manufactured by Mi-T-M to service the Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land O' Lakes, and Lutz areas of Florida. These pressure washers will heat the water up to 240 degrees and shoot water at 3500 psi.

Plus our pressure washers are trailer mounted and gasoline powered. We pull up to your home or business ready to go! If you want the best pressure washing company, use the guys with the best equipment (we have decades of pressure washing experience too).

Why Hire Heat Wave Pressure Washing

Equipped Professionals

High quality hot water commercial grade equipment.

Water Tank Truck

Ability to transport water (onsite water source not required)


20 Years of experience working with large communities.

Home Owners

Ability to work with individual home owners and understanding their needs.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured so....continue

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